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Delayed Dreams?

Today, twelve years ago, I made a television appearance on the Lee Pitts Live Talk Show in Fort Meyers, Florida. I was so excited. It was my opportunity to talk in a public forum about my first book, a romantic suspense novel titled Dreams Thrown Away. As I watched the YouTube video this morning, savoring the memory that Facebook reminded me of, I asked myself. Did I throw away my dreams? Did I muffle my creative voice to fill the role of a responsible woman being the world's caretaker, professionally and at home? Yet, since I have added three more books to my portfolio over the years, the answer is not a complete yes or an absolute no. It's more like I delayed my dreams. But, you see, I did what I had to do, and now I am pursuing my dreams with gusto. I firmly believe in never giving up if it makes your heart sing. Writing makes my heart sing.

What makes you happy? Is it time for you to control your voice and dreams, especially if you are a woman? So many of us quietly carry the world's burdens on our shoulders. That's why I like to talk to other women to encourage each other to never give up. Follow your dreams. You know what you are meant to be. It's time to live up to it.


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