Are You a Kali or a Kalina?

Are you a Kali or a Kalina? My romantic suspense series, The Sperling Chronicles, begins with a young girl on the brink of womanhood facing many challenges to survive. She starts as Kalina, a naïve, helpless, and vulnerable girl from the South dumped in a big city in the North. Through her trials, she becomes known as Kali, an ever-growing, powerful woman to be reckoned with. No one shuts her down. She will fight for herself and her family, tooth and nail. The spears launched by men to kill her only make her more determined to survive. So, who are you? Are you a Kali or a Kalina? Are you weak or fierce?

Of course, the Kali character in my book goes through a lot more drama than you and I will ever go through in our lifetimes. At least, let’s hope and pray that we don’t. But as her story begins, she is a spoiled young girl with an unrealistic take on the world. Didn’t we all at 17? But, as she is introduced to the real world, she finds out what being a woman is all about, the good, the bad, and the undesired. Which one are you, again? Do you know who you are?

Don’t get me wrong, men love my books, too, especially the sizzling parts. And since this is a romantic suspense series, there is a special someone in Kali’s life that everyone loves to hate. However, what does it mean for her as a woman, a mother, and more? Does she exist for him, for them, or for her? The one thing Kali wishes she could tell Kalina. There is more to life than empty dreams of grandeur. So pick up your copies today. Start with Dreams Thrown Away. And if you are wondering what type of woman you are, let’s talk about it in a book club or let me speak to your women’s organization. We can chat about success, mental health, staying inspired, and how and why I think women should rule the world.

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Aren't We ALL HUMAN?

The best part about storytelling is relating emotions, feelings, and expectations. We may be different on the outside and grow up in other cultures, but we are all human. Whether we speak the same language or not, you can recognize what people are projecting by the expressions on their faces. We all know and feel with someone who is crying. We are joyful with those who are laughing or smiling. We know kindness when we encounter it just as clearly we know danger. Why? Because we are all human. Dilsa likes to talk about the things we have in common, like life, breath, blood, and pure love. Want to hear more? Ask her to speak on topics like Practicing Humanity.

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