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I am Dilsa Saunders Bailey, the author of the romantic suspense series, The Sperling Chronicles, which is currently a trilogy but will be becoming a quad within the following year. The first novel, Dreams Thrown Away, was nominated for a Georgia Author of the Year Award (GAYA) in 2010 for 1st Novel by the Georgia Writers Association. Dreams Thrown Away was also advanced as a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Contest in 2018. I am so excited that you visited my website to learn more about my books. Make sure you subscribe to my website or follow me on social media for news about my upcoming books and speaking engagements.

Before becoming a full-time novelist, I became a certified medical services professional. This profession expanded over 30 years. During that time, I wrote newsletters, policies, training manuals, and the book, A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor, which advises how to vet and communicate with your healthcare provider. So it appears my dream of becoming a writer was always within reach. As a full-time writer and speaker enjoying life in Atlanta surrounded by my family, I aim to continuously entertain, educate, and enlighten the world through storytelling. Schedule me to learn more about the topics that I like to share, which include "Are you a Kali or a Kalina (Unmuffling Your Voice as a Woman) discussed in book club settings and "Communicating with Your Healthcare Provider" available in workshops or virtual meetings. Read my books, visit my blogs, and tell me who you are: Kali or Kalina or a chronically ill patient that is a hapless communicator when talking to your healthcare provider. Book me for a speaking engagement.


I have written a series of short stories currently hanging out with my editor. The stories follow the family of a little Black girl named Shadow, experiencing the cultural changes in the South in 1968. Yet, her family is full of hope and faith that her life will be better than theirs. That’s why every story is a little lesson learned.


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