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I was impressed with this book. The story is about a teenaged girl whose life is devastated by the murder -suicide of her parents by her father. Kalina is forced to grow up quickly after she leaves South Carolina to move to Philadelphia, PA. She has been sent to live with her Aunt Mazetta. Little did Kalina know that this would be the beginning of her being under the control of other people who don't always have her best interest at heart. After her aunts boyfriend tried to sexually assault her, Kalina got away and ran away and never looked back. Thus begins her life of pursuing her dreams which came with a steep price. Kalina's life is no longer her own and she seems to become complacent with this. That is until a life altering event forces her to choose between life and death. The reader will be caught up in Kalina's story til the end. There are some unexpected twists and turns but the storyline is never lost. I didn't want to put this book down once I started it. I believe strongly that anyone reading it will feel the same.


 Zandra Barnes 
AAMBC Reviewer




Kali Harris was transplanted from her comfortable upbringing after the death of her parents. She moves to Philadelphia to live with her mother's sister. When she realizes it is not a safe environment for her, she flees and meets a couple who is kind to her. They provide employment as a caretaker to the man's father, a much older, but seemingly able-bodied man. Kali and Jordan Sperling fall into a comfortable relationship. He is a former R&B singer who now has investments in everything from real estates, to clubs and prostitution. The original intent was to groom Kali to become one of the girls in his employ, but he is intrigued with her and wants her for himself.


Jordan's grandson, Ashton Sperling, is his favorite and he has the uncanny ability to know his grandfather's intentions before they are voiced. He asks Ashton for a favor that will impact Kali's life in a big way. Kali finds herself in an open love triangle between grandfather and grandson and the object of all of the Sperling men's desire. As she fights to remain faithful to both Jordan and Ashton, despite Ashton's high-profile marriage to a super model, she questions their love for her and becomes concerned about their true intentions. 

DREAMS THROWN AWAY invoked me to hang on to the ride to the end; there was never a dull moment. The Sperling men had too much time and money at their disposal and Kali was just the entertainment they needed to be fulfilled. Although the ending brought closure to a few things, it felt rushed and I was still left with too many unanswered questions. Overall, I am glad I had the experience of reading this tale.


Reviewed by Paula Henderson 
of the RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers




DREAMS THROWN AWAY by Dilsa Saunders Bailey is a coming-of-age story. We are introduced to Kalina Denise Harris, a young woman who is about to head off to college. Living in a small town where practically everyone knows one another and having such doting, loving parents makes for a sheltered life. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes leaving Kalina homeless and left in another state to fend for herself. All her hopes and dreams are put on hold.


In the midst of it all, she meets a family of very wealthy and powerful men. 74 year-old Jordan Banks will take Kalina under his wing and refine this country bumpkin into a sophisticated young woman. He sends her to college to make sure she gets the education she so desires. Little does Kalina realize that Jordan is a very dominating man and he may expect more in return than Kalina realizes. When Kalina meets Ashton Sperling, the lawyer in the family, she is smitten with him. Although he is married, they begin a love affair unlike any other. There is an underlying darkness to the Sperling men that Kalina will eventually find out for herself. At some point, she will be in a struggle with her emotions to flee or to fight back. 

DREAMS THROWN AWAY by Dilsa Saunders Bailey was a remarkable debut. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The character development draws you easily to the characters. The story reads like a lifetime movie that you just hate to end. It is a story about heartache, pain, love, lust and manipulation. My only issue with this book is that the ending seemed too rushed; if it were not for that, this would have easily been a 5-star read. I highly recommend this book! I look forward to reading more by this author.


Reviewed by Leona 
APOOO BookClub





















In Dreams Thrown Away, Dilsa Saunders Bailey introduced us to Kali and the Sperling men, and this sequel starts us in an unexpected place. In the middle of Colorado, a man who is beaten within a few inches of his death is found and nursed back to health. This man does not remember his identity or anything else about his life before Colorado. After meeting a “random” man at a store and following his instinct, this mystery man finds his way to New York City.


Kali begins to see this strange, homeless-looking man around her kids and justifiably she is terrified for their safety. Her brothers in law (the Sperling men) seem to not think that this man is not a threat and puts him on their payroll. Kali becomes suspicious why the men seem to be so comfortable around this stranger and the more and more she really looks at him she begins to wonder if he could be her presumed dead husband, Ashton.


Split Images is mainly about vengeance and revenge and it is a rather dark read and makes you wonder to what lengths you would go to get your family back. Despite, it primarily being a dark read as mentioned previously, overall, it is a love story. Once again, Dilsa Saunders Bailey knocks it out of the park!


We Read It All Book Reviews


The Sperlings are back and up to their usual scandals. “Split Images” opens up grabbing the reader’s attention and throwing you right back on the roller coaster that you were on with “Dreams Thrown Away.”

Now it seems as though Kalli has her Happy Ever After. That is until a stranger is introduced and turns everything all around. Ashton has changed and isn’t the family man Kalli has grown to love and the stranger has a special bond that no one can really explain. Something just isn’t right but in typical Sperling fashion, the truth is uncovered.

I give“Split Images” a 5. The roller coaster ride this book takes you on will have you begging for more and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

OOSA Book Reviews



An easy read book number two of The Sperling Chronicles. It contains the same high-level dose of deceit, sex, murder, love and mayhem. A twist with the identity of the twins Ashton and Asa. The appearance of the mysterious Lazarus who intrigues everyone. This book leaves you ready to read book number three. Good story by DSB.


GoodReads  - 5 Stars

Olivia R.









This is the third book in the series that l have read by this author and l was not disappointed. The Sperlings continued to take me on a suspenseful ride. A new character was introduced and he was more than enough for this family. Kali continued to be the strong force in the family of the Sperlings. I feel that if l say anything about the book, if one has read the former two, l will give something away. Some questions are answered and looks like there may be room for a continuation of this family. I would welcome this because its hard to get enough of this handsome family. What fascinated me about the characters, is that you get to know them and they seem so real. I would go out and expect to see Kali or Ashton at the mall. It has a surreal quality that l havent felt in a book before. This book is good reading by anyone’s standards. I read it on a dreary rainy day and l didnt want it to end. Give us more Sperlings, Ms Bailey.


Amazon - 5 Stars

Happy Lady Sara 


J​ust when I thought the drama couldn’t escalate it does. The series as a whole enticing, mind blowing, and rollercoaster ride. If you like a good story line, with characters you will either love or hate then this is the series for you. It’s well written and definelty will give you a book hangover. Looking forward to reading more. I wasn’t ready for the story to end. I need and want more from the Sterlings.



I eagerly anticipated the release of "No Tears for Dead Men" and it did not disappoint! Just when you think Kali has paid her dues, she is met with a new set of obstacles. This time it comes with a serious twist as her life is literally in danger. This book, like the first two of this series, kept me on the edge of my seat. Dilsa Saunders Bailey writes in a way that lures you in as a reader and doesn't let go until you've read a book until the end. My only complaint is that this is the final book in the series. Or is it? I certainly hope not!

















Our health is our most valuable asset. Without it nothing else matters.  The most important person for keeping you healthy is you.  It is important we learn to build a collaborative relationship with the right healthcare team.  This may seem like a daunting task but this book will guide you through the process of understanding how to determine if you’re getting what you need from your health care providers. From the credentialing process for providers to links on how to find information about your providers, this book covers it all.  The included forms guide you in putting together your healthcare team and ensure you are prepared with the right providers before you have a health crisis.   This is a must read for everyone.

Marie Giarniero, BSN, MS, RN, CNOR



Reading A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor, by Dilsa Bailey is like sitting down with a friend and talking about health. With a conversational style that helps clear the murkiness of the world of healthcare, Ms. Bailey provides excellent explanations of medical terms that we routinely hear but may not really know. She provides step by step advice for picking out doctor's, with great tips on what to consider. As a Caregiver Consultant, I especially appreciated the hands-on tools in her appendix, such as the Physician Directory and Medication History form.  This is information I would encourage all adults (and any caregivers) to consider. I think this book will be particularly helpful for anyone making changes in their life, whether you are moving, having health changes or aging, her clear explanations into the background of healthcare and how to assess your health care team can provide extra confidence in choosing your doctor.


Jessica D. 



This is a book full of information that many of us should know, but unfortunately don’t, when it comes to understanding and navigating the complicated world of finding quality healthcare providers. This book can also serve as a great reference tool to assist with gaining a better understanding of terms commonly used when seeking various medical treatments or services.


Frank Jones, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) 




“I have been pretty blessed with finding the right healthcare professionals on my path to better health. I also understand there are too many instances it may not be the case and finding the right doctor care is very challenging. Ms. Bailey’s guide to finding the right doctor is a great resource for not just asking those general questions to navigate your personal health decisions, but also having more specific information at your fingertips”.


Vivian H. (Cancer survivor)

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