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ENOUGH - Awakening in a dark, musty room with a headache the size of Philadelphia, Kali’s first thought was the word, ‘KIDNAPPED.’ It permeated her body as if an alarm was pulled too late to warn of impending danger. She remembered tripping over something before her knees began to buckle and her world turned instantly black. What was it? Who was it? She winced from the pain on the side of her face as the memory of blood and bodies on her living room floor flashed in her mind. Was her daughter Kacie in there, too? Who was the blame for this? What did they want from them this time? Kali closed her eyes. She didn’t know who she wanted to hurt more, the kidnapper or the Sperling men. One or the other was responsible for yet another round of hurt and pain. Kali was finally sick and tired of being sick and tired of the pains she’s endured from the men in her life. Now it was time for one of them to suffer that pain. She had no time and no tears for dead men.

The Sperling Chronicles 3: No Tears for Dead Men

SKU: TSC3-2018
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