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Only One of Two Choices-Haunted by tragedy every step of the way, a young girl is orphaned just on the brink of womanhood. She survives on instinct and a desire to make it big. She has dreamed big enough to fill an ocean, but at the top of her wish list is a wealthy man who loves her unconditionally. With no one to turn to but herself, she lands in the midst of a family of wealthy and powerful men whose hunger for dominance outweigh her aspirations for success. She only has two choices, be dominated or learn how to fight back.


Meet Kali, a young woman filled with her own brand of lust for love and success. It keeps escaping her by missed words, lousy timing, and the men in her life who seem bent on destroying her. One minute, she is living her dreams of grandeur and perfect love and the next, she is running from those same dreams as they become nightmares. Steadfast, but lonely and in love with a man who has already tried to kill her, she truly believes her chances of happiness will finally be fulfilled.

The Sperling Chronicles 1: Dreams Thrown Away

SKU: TSC1-2018
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