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Our health is our most valuable asset. Without it nothing else matters.  The most important person for keeping you healthy is you.  It is important we learn to build a collaborative relationship with the right healthcare team.  This may seem like a daunting task but this book will guide you through the process of understanding how to determine if you’re getting what you need from your health care providers. From the credentialing process for providers to links on how to find information about your providers, this book covers it all.  The included forms guide you in putting together your healthcare team and ensure you are prepared with the right providers before you have a health crisis.   This is a must read for everyone.

Marie Giarniero, BSN, MS, RN, CNOR



Reading A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Doctor, by Dilsa Bailey is like sitting down with a friend and talking about health. With a conversational style that helps clear the murkiness of the world of healthcare, Ms. Bailey provides excellent explanations of medical terms that we routinely hear but may not really know. She provides step by step advice for picking out doctor's, with great tips on what to consider. As a Caregiver Consultant, I especially appreciated the hands-on tools in her appendix, such as the Physician Directory and Medication History form.  This is information I would encourage all adults (and any caregivers) to consider. I think this book will be particularly helpful for anyone making changes in their life, whether you are moving, having health changes or aging, her clear explanations into the background of healthcare and how to assess your health care team can provide extra confidence in choosing your doctor.


Jessica D. 



This is a book full of information that many of us should know, but unfortunately don’t, when it comes to understanding and navigating the complicated world of finding quality healthcare providers. This book can also serve as a great reference tool to assist with gaining a better understanding of terms commonly used when seeking various medical treatments or services.


Frank Jones, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) 




“I have been pretty blessed with finding the right healthcare professionals on my path to better health. I also understand there are too many instances it may not be the case and finding the right doctor care is very challenging. Ms. Bailey’s guide to finding the right doctor is a great resource for not just asking those general questions to navigate your personal health decisions, but also having more specific information at your fingertips”.


Vivian H. (Cancer survivor)

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