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Networking with other authorpreneurs is essential. MORE COMING SOON!


In this podcast, Dilsa Saunders Bailey interviews a fellow authorpreneur, Pauline Mansfield. Pauline is an author, speaker, and writing coach. Join the conversation to hear what inspired Pauline to write about domestic violence, why she helps others find their voices, and why she advises you should never give up. Her books Turtle Story, Turtle Story 2, Songs of My Father, and Chess Master can be found on Amazon.


Gillian Royes talks with "simplydilsa" about her books, The Shad Series, and her play, "How to Be an Immigrant." She shares her traditional publishing journey, her aspirations, and advice on how to get published. Gillian is also very open about her trials as an immigrant and the struggles one faces migrating to a new country. Don't miss it. "simplydilsa's" dog Honey, who has appeared in many print ads, decided to debut vocally. Have fun with Gillian, simplydilsa, and Honey.

Dionicio Headshot_edited.jpg

Dilsa enjoys talking with Dionicio Torres, author of "My 2nd Chance with a New Vision." This motivational speaker has turned his personal tragedy into a mission to help youth at risk. Join us for this lively, humorous conversation on how Dionicio decided to use his life as a means to give youth another option that may not be seen at the moment.

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